The gift experience that tells your story

Smiling Girl wearing theta necklace
Dave from Croy…
“Bought a beautiful 3 heart necklace for my wife’s birthday, which came with a fast & friendly service. Highly recommended. Thank you.”
Louise from Belfast…
“Ordered a little necklace with 2 heart charms and it was posted on the day I ordered. I had some contact with Julie and it was amazing how quickly and personally she replied. Cannot wait to use theta jewellery again for future gifts! Thank you.”
Val from Northhampton
“Purchased a beautiful necklace, circular with a pawprint charm hanging in the centre. Had my dogs names engraved around the circle, having recently lost our 15 year old chocolate Labrador. It arrived so quickly and is just such a lovely item, so pleased. Not my first purchase, and won’t be my last.”
Theta Jewellery by Julie

Julie from Theta Jewellery

Hello, I am Julie, the creative genius behind Theta Jewellery.

My mission is to create personalized jewellery, that tells your story!

If you are looking for unique jewellery which will:
– Make you feel and look good
– Attract and emit positive energy
– Keep loved ones close to heart
…you are in the right place.
Theta Jewellery is the ultimate gift/keepsake to tell your story and hold sentimental value.

My business is called Theta Jewellery because I became a Theta Healing Practitioner in 2012 and it changed my life. Theta healing is a powerful technique for clearing blocks that prevent people from attaining their fullest potential in life.

It was during one of my first Theta sessions that I was inspired to make ‘intentional’ personalized jewellery. Each piece of Theta Jewellery is created with a compassionate intention to deliver positivity to the wearer. I create the unique jewellery in a loving environment with stainless steel pieces and each one is purposely imperfect and just right for you. The jewellery is hand stamped so you can capture anything that is going on in your life that you want to keep close to you, names, quotes, mantras and anything else that resonates with you.

I use my Theta training to tune into the vibrations of the gemstones and metals and clear and bless them back to their source. This results in a unique piece of jewellery that promotes healing of the mind and body, helps to balance emotions and raise personal energy vibration. I LOVE sending positive vibes out into the world.

I LOVE making personalized jewellery – the kind that makes people cry when you give it to them as a gift – super-thoughtful, completely unique.

I love to hear your stories so please get in contact through social media, the form below or comment on my blog.

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